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download- iGo My Way" navigation for android. Please read the whole post before installing anything! Ive just come accross this app and constantly checking how it works and looking for solutions. So if you want to have as little problems as possible – read first, then do stuff. Not so long time ago, iGo released their navigation for Android phones. It is a traditional navigation, in which you don’t need data connection for downloading maps – they are already on your microSD card. This is 10 times better than Google Navigation. I had tested the google nav yesterday on my way back home – the voice commands about an upcoming turn are said once you have passed that turn.. This means you have to be constantly looking on your phone. And with iGo it’s a totally different story. It works just like a proper navigation (like TomTom, Garmin, etc.). So lets begin with the step-by-step manual of how to become a happy user of iGO navigation on your Android phone (this works also for other phones, not just HTC Legend). 1) Download the latest version of iGO for Android to your PC (ask oslam) 2) How to install the app – from Android Market download "Apps Installer". Connect phone to your PC in "Disk Drive" mode and then unzip the file into your phone memory card. Dont put it any different folder, keep it in the main directory. Disconnect phone from PC. On your phone, go to Settings->Applications->Put a tick on the


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