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        HD Vision Systems Voted Winner of Vision Startup 2020

        time:2020-11-12 source:browse:145

        An all-virtual audience selected HD Vision Systems as the winner of the Vision Startup Pitch Session held Nov. 11. The Heidelberg, Germany-based company now qualifies to take part in the VISION Startup World 2021, at the VISION conference scheduled for Oct. 5-7, 2021.

        HD Vision will also exhibit at the event

        Six companies, selected by a jury from a pool of more than 30 submissions, participated in the pitch. Among them were HD Vision Systems, offering light-field and deep-learning-based machine vision; K Lens, offering AI-based sensor technology for customized production; preML GmbH, specializing in computer vision in the construction industry; Visometry, whose VisionLib technology provides augmented reality and computer vision tracking; SiaSearch, which specializes in solving unstructured data handling; and Software Entwicklung Naser GmbH, which provides AI-based use case automation.
        The opening slide of HD Vision Systems' presentation at the VISION Start-Up Pitch Session, held Oct. 11, 2020. Courtesy of VISION Stuttgart.

        The opening slide of HD Vision Systems' presentation at the VISION Startup Pitch Session, held Nov. 11, 2020. Courtesy of VISION Stuttgart.

        The companies were each granted seven minutes to deliver a pitch, and then seven minutes for a question-and-answer segment. A virtual audience of approximately 100 individuals voted at the end of the presentations. HD Vision Systems was selected as the winner, with Visometry GmbH following in second, and K Lens coming in third.

        “I wasn’t quite sure that we would make the pitch, and was really excited when it was announced,” Benedikt Karolus, chief operating officer of HD Vision Systems, told Photonics Media. “For us it is a great chance to become a valuable member of the image processing community, and we have already engaged with a potential customer after the session.”

        HD Vision Systems presented and discussed its software- and AI-supplemented light-field scanning systems. The company’s flagship product, the LumiScanX, is a light-field scanner that relies on 13 1.2-MP cameras and enables machines to see in color and 3D. The system, Karolus said, is able to work in a variety of lighting conditions and can image shiny and reflective surfaces — a difficult task for many systems.

        The system is also capable of enabling bin-picking, and can be taught new objects by uploading CAD data. It is able to perform quality checks and detect defects, Karolus said, in his presentation. 

        With a higher depth of field than is commonly featured in other systems, the LumiScanX does not require the presence of structured light to achieve full functionality. Karolus noted its resiliency, in the scanner’s ability to image reflective surfaces in varying lighting conditions and environments.

        HD Vision Systems is now pursuing both customers and investor relationships, Karolus said.