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Vietnamese GPS – VGPS is The World’s First and Only GPS application
runs on any cell phone (java j2me phone and android phone).VGPS was designed to use City street map on your ordinary mobile phone without the need of having GPS receiver or internet connection. However, if you have internal GPS receiver or external bluetooth GPS receiver, VGPS can work with your GPS receiver as well. VGPS does not require internet connection so you no need to worry about connection charge.In single and light-weight application, VGPS gives you all vector street map functions and brings “truly digital mobile map experience” to your phone.Demo movie
If you could not see demo movie at the right side, you need to download flash player from: www.macromedia.com

Key Features

  • Geocaching
  • Display Routing Nodes on map
  • Zoom in/Zoom out/Pan
  • Search point name, street name. You can search point by point’s name, type, distance or mix type+name, type+distance
  • Fully support touch screen
  • Can move pointer freely to touch any object on the screen (you can not find this feature elsewhere)
  • Auto adjust displaying of street’s name according to length and shape of the street
  • Display direction arrow on one-way street
  • Work with phone’s internal GPS or bluetooth GPS receiver (real time tracking movement)
  • Manage routes and waypoints within your phone
  • Autorouting using A* algorithm to find shortest/fastest route from startwaypoint to endwaypoint and guide you along the route
  • In Car Navigation. When you use real time tracking movement and/or Autorouting function, VGPS will rotate the map so that the facing direction (heading) is always “UP”. VGPS also speaks to you when you need to turn left or turn right (voice guidance)
  • Support vector map data from Custom Garmin map. Your custom Garmin map must be able to export to polish format. VGPSMapGenerator will import garmin map in polish format to use in VGPS. Official Garmin map from Garmin is in new NT format and is not able to export to polish format.
  • Support vector map data from OpenStreetMap. VGPSMapGenerator will import OpenStreetMap in xml format to use in VGPS.
Online demo within your web browserZoom in/zoom out/pan the map, search street, search point, real-time tracking movement, find shortest/fastest route? Click on the phone emulator below to try VGPS online.
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  • 20-August-2012:Version 8.2
  • 28-November-2011: Version 8.0
  • 15-November-2011: Version 7.7 for Android Market and Amazon App Store. Amazon users can buy from Amazon App Store Offline Map for Kindle Fire
  • 12-September-2011: Version 7.0. Supports all android phone screen sizes and densities (include 7″, 9″, 10″ android tablets)
  • 28-July-2011: Version 6.6. Search street by name and intersection with other streets.
  • 30-August-2010: Ported VGPS from j2me mobile platform to android mobile platform.
  • 16-July-2010: Version 5.0. Localization and improve user interface.
  • 14-April-2009: Release version 4.0. Re-write search string function to search street name/point name faster in huge map that has 2.2 millions of street names and 1 million of point names.
  • 20-March-2009: Release version 3.2. User can select whether or not to display routing nodes on map
  • 06-March-2009: Release version 3.1. Implement geocaching and search point by distance.
  • 12-September-2008: Release version 3.0
  • 22-May-2008: Implement “Voice Guidance” function
  • 07-May-2008: Implement “In Car Navigation” function
  • 22-Feb-2008: Implement “AutoRouting” function
  • 13-Oct-2007: Register domain www.digitalmobilemap.com
  • 08-Feb-2007: The goal of VGPS to become “The World’s First and Only GPS application that runs on any cell phone” has been completed. When VGPS is used with a bluetooth GPS receiver in a car travelling at 80km/h, VGPS moved the map at the same speed of the car
  • 12-Dec-2006: Implement real time tracking feature to track the movement by parsing NMEA sentence from GPS receiver
  • 06-Aug-2006: Host VGPS home page at www.sourceforge.net/projects/vllp
  • 05-Aug-2006: Rename the application to Vietnamese GPS – VGPS – Intelligent on the go
  • 05-July-2006: Complete prototype, UI and menu design. Name it as GPSViewer
  • 08-May-2006: Start building GPS mobile maps application for mobile phone

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